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About Us

shirt sitting 168x300
Elven Velvet , a small company located in Santa Fe , New Mexico, features a line of classically elegant separates, dresses and gowns made of the finest stretch velvet available. Since 1996 Elven Velvet has been selling clothing throughout the American West in locally owned, high fashion, and artwear boutiques. Our outfits perfectly enhance that wonderful handpainted scarf, handwoven jacket, or exquisite jewelry.

Elven Velvets blend grace and style with comfort and practicality. You can present yourself in ultimate elegance while feeling as comfortable as you do in your pajamas!

Located in Santa Fe in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Elven Velvet is a cottage industry where everything is designed, cut and assembled in house. Offering a line of separates, dresses, and gowns these clothes are coveted for their elegance, comfort and practicality. Many of the outfits are designed to take one from day to evening with little fuss and are 100% machine washable!

“Clothing is fun, functional and a factor in all cultures, often demonstrating religious affinity, political inclination, social standing, and mystical beliefs. Freedom to express ourselves in the way we clothe our bodies brings forth a myriad of human expressions and invigorates this colorful tableau of life. It is essential that we present ourselves in our communities, on our small but numerous stages, with a presence that resonates personal style, beauty, truth, and perseverance towards the goals of peace and human dignity….”

Here's what our Elven Velvet customers are saying...

Most Elven Velvets are 100% machine washable and travel beautifully. All of the clothing is made in house under the watchful eye of the designer herself, Magita Story.

Velvet Fabric Content: 76%poly/ 16%nylon/ 8%lycra. 100% machine washable

We ship via USPS or UPS

Preferred form of payment is Paypal.
Credit card payments can be made through Paypal.
COD and pre- shipment payments will also be tendered.

IN SANTA FE,NM--call for a studio appointment.

“I have been wearing Elven Velvet for thirteen years and still have original pieces.
The styles are classic and comfortable. Being able to launder and dry them makes
them easy to care for. The fabric is light enough for our Texas winters but still practical for Colorado!”

Please read our Return and Exchange Policies and refer to the Elven Velvet Size Chart before ordering.*