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Welcome to Elven Velvet - Stunning timeless elegance that is flattering on anyone!

We offer a line of velvet clothing - separates, dresses, and gowns these clothes are coveted for their comfort and practicality. Perfect elegant travel clothing and formal wear.

The Perfect Gift! An Elven Velvet Gift Certificate. We will call and make whatever is desired...
Travel Clothing
  • Velvet Space Tunic
  • Mod Tunic
  • Velvet Adventurer Dress
  • Simply Velvet Tunic
  • Velvet Trumpet Skirt
  • Velvet Spaceport Dress
  • Convertible Dress
Travel Wear
Many of the outfits are designed to take one from day to evening with little fuss and are 100% machine washable! Comfort and ease are fundamental to the Elven Velvet line making it simple to look elegant while you feel like you are wearing pajamas!
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